Industry Partners

In keeping with our interdisciplinary family enterprise development model, many of our projects involve financial, technical, legal, management, psychological or strategic components that require specific expertise from other professions. To help our client families find and select specialists in these areas, we have developed a network of colleagues and affiliated institutions who are global leaders in these fields. They are all committed to an integrated approach to meeting the client families’ needs in projects coordinated by Next Step Advisors.


Laura North


Laura is a bold, intuitive and seasoned coach. Accredited through The Coaches Training Institute in the late nineties, she is one of the first certified coaches in Vancouver, Canada. She  has partnered with people in both their business environments and their personal lives to establish what they want, strategize how to get it and then move into action. Her clients consistently say that her coaching brings clarity to their lives, a desire to elevate their leadership and the incentive to improve their most important relationships, both at home and at work. Laura has completed advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, has a positive attitude and a no-nonsense style that is refreshing and effective.

Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips


For more than 25 years, Dave has worked with business leaders across Canada as an executive business mentor and coach. In addition, he is an accomplished motivational speaker and event announcer serving clients across North America, Europe and Japan which include World Cup Alpine, Freestyle events and Calgary Winter Olympics.

After retiring from competing in various sports and specifically at a national level and international level in skiing, he coached at various levels including the National Team during their Olympic debut in Calgary.

Peter Vaughan

Peter Vaughan


Peter is an accomplished counselor and family therapist with decades of experience supporting individuals, couples and families.

His style is direct, reality-focused and comprehensive. His consultations are grounded in sound theory and research about marriage, individual functioning and relationships and his approach is highly relevant to the most common issues facing family enterprise.

Ruth Steverlynck

Ruth Steverlynck


Wealth in families can be a source of enormous opportunity, freedom and choice. The successful transition of wealth within a family is complex.

Ruth’s great passion is working with families to help navigate this complexity – planning for the human/relational aspects of wealth transition: fostering positive communication, managing upsets and developing key competencies needed to realize aspirations.

Traditional planning prepares the assets for the family.

The focus of Ruth’s work is to prepare the family for the assets.

With an international background in Law, Dispute Resolution, Education and Governance, Ruth recognizes that no single approach works for all so draws upon her diverse experience and network of resources.

Her particular area of expertise is the arena of inherited wealth. She primarily consults to Family Offices and/or families whose wealth sits in Trust.

Darrin Hotte

Darrin Hotte


Darrin has over 30 years of leadership experience and specialized training in the areas of conflict, complex family systems and relationships. In his work as a mediator and family advisor he has mediated, facilitated, coached or consulted on more than 800 disputes and is passionate about building, restoring and preserving health within families and companies.

Having served in leadership positions at all levels in organizations throughout BC and Alberta, Darrin has been instrumental in guiding families and groups to achieve specific goals while strengthening relationships within the team.

Darrin is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor and a Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator.  He is also a Member of the Family Roster of Mediate BC.  He holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Family Mediation Specialization, has attained an MDiv from Regent College and holds a BA in Psychology/Sociology from Concordia College.

Darrin serves on the faculty of the Justice Institute of BC and is also a coach for Family Law Mediation courses offered through Continuing Legal Education.

Residing on the North Shore of Vancouver, he serves all areas of BC and all the way to Ontario. Darrin enjoys running, weight training, hockey, golf, cycling and photography and is also an occasional jazz drummer. However, his greatest joy is found in his wife and two children.

PHONE: 778-288-6181

Don Maunders

Don Maunders


Don is an accomplished senior executive, business coach and strategic advisor. Since launching On Strategy Consulting in 2005, he has helped a broad range of organizations and leaders to achieve superior results. Known for pushing leaders towards sharp customer-focused decisions, his clients also appreciate his capacity for listening and his aptitude for synthesizing new insights.

With a passion for developing transformational strategic plans, Don has 30 years of hands on experience creating and executing winning corporate and marketing strategies. His proven formula for achieving breakthrough results is based on a combination of insight, focus and team engagement.

The road traveled for Don includes twenty years of driving forward one of Canada’s best managed companies, A&W Foodservices of Canada Inc.

As a key member of the executive team that turned around the A&W chain in Canada from a fading drive-in business to a thriving leader in the Quick Service Restaurant sector, Don held senior positions across the organization, including Operations Management, Marketing, and Human Resources/Organizational Development.

Don holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, a Bachelor of Science for the University of British Columbia and is a Certified Co-Active Coach through the Coach Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

Born in New Westminster BC, Don now lives in North Vancouver with his wife and two sons. Don is passionate about living a fulfilling life coloured by a mix of interests and great friends and family.

Peter Vaughan

Paul Attia


Paul is both a family business executive, and a family enterprise advisor. Prior to joining the stone quarry business founded by his immigrant father, Paul spent nearly a decade as a criminal prosecutor.

Paul’s background, professionally and personally, places him at the critical nexus of overlapping spheres:  the professional pedigree to identify, grasp and distill family enterprise issues and the personal experience to skillfully and sensitively help family members navigate them.

A varsity athlete in university, a two-sport varsity athlete in law school, and now, a husband and father, Paul understands the challenges faced by the competing interests of family life, work success and personal fulfillment.  As an Executive Coach and Advisor, Paul understands that our lives are the aggregate of our decisions; and our decision-making practices are developed by asking the right questions, in order to find the best answers.

With degrees in psychology and law, a passion for people and the expertise of asking important questions, Paul brings a unique and invaluable set of skills to the individuals and families he serves.

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